Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Viva on Hiatus: an explanation/apology

Hello my loyal readers,
All 3 of you. First and foremost, my sincerest apologies. To say I have been MIA would be an understatement.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well as a great couple of months.
Unfortunately, life got in the way of my blogging.
In just two months nearly EVERYTHING has changed ...
Here are just some of the changes/events that occured since last time:

The L train now SUX... as my does my commute to ANYWHERE
I've now added BABYSITTER to my resume.
I'm leaving Brooklyn =(
I'm now apart of a theater company.
My BFF Chrissie is engaged!
Santa brought me... well Santa funded a trip to Tiffany's this Christmas.
I've become allergic.. to something... not to sure what it is yet.
Lauren left for a MONTH!!!!
I'm single, single, single, single... and happy !
I  have reclaimed my throne as Fairy Princess.. thanks to working in the West Village (Gay mecca for you non-NYCity slicks)
Lauren came back
I've been so stressed I forget to eat.
In other news....
I've lost FIVE pounds =D!
I'm moving... I hate moving.
I now bartend at Hammerstein Ballroom! Woo- hoo! Free Concerts!
Laura had to leave to Israel. =(
Kathleen Turner became a regular at the restaurant. Interesting.
Lauren and I find an apartment together =)
Two words: Student Loans. BLEH!!! =(
Lauren and I are unable to get apartment together.
I become potentially homeless.
I realize I now hate celery. 

Im still Jenny and I'm still in love with NYC, sooooo VIVA!
Stay tuned for 2 months of blog fodder comin' at ya.
Between tending bar, baby sitting, christmas in New York, my crazy friends, even crazier co-workers, and desperately considering the Brooklyn bridge an suitable "roof" over my head ... it should be a fun February.
Keep an eye out... I'm BACK!

till then...
Viva la vida
Viva JenNYC