Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Viva on Hiatus: an explanation/apology

Hello my loyal readers,
All 3 of you. First and foremost, my sincerest apologies. To say I have been MIA would be an understatement.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well as a great couple of months.
Unfortunately, life got in the way of my blogging.
In just two months nearly EVERYTHING has changed ...
Here are just some of the changes/events that occured since last time:

The L train now SUX... as my does my commute to ANYWHERE
I've now added BABYSITTER to my resume.
I'm leaving Brooklyn =(
I'm now apart of a theater company.
My BFF Chrissie is engaged!
Santa brought me... well Santa funded a trip to Tiffany's this Christmas.
I've become allergic.. to something... not to sure what it is yet.
Lauren left for a MONTH!!!!
I'm single, single, single, single... and happy !
I  have reclaimed my throne as Fairy Princess.. thanks to working in the West Village (Gay mecca for you non-NYCity slicks)
Lauren came back
I've been so stressed I forget to eat.
In other news....
I've lost FIVE pounds =D!
I'm moving... I hate moving.
I now bartend at Hammerstein Ballroom! Woo- hoo! Free Concerts!
Laura had to leave to Israel. =(
Kathleen Turner became a regular at the restaurant. Interesting.
Lauren and I find an apartment together =)
Two words: Student Loans. BLEH!!! =(
Lauren and I are unable to get apartment together.
I become potentially homeless.
I realize I now hate celery. 

Im still Jenny and I'm still in love with NYC, sooooo VIVA!
Stay tuned for 2 months of blog fodder comin' at ya.
Between tending bar, baby sitting, christmas in New York, my crazy friends, even crazier co-workers, and desperately considering the Brooklyn bridge an suitable "roof" over my head ... it should be a fun February.
Keep an eye out... I'm BACK!

till then...
Viva la vida
Viva JenNYC


Bar-b said...

Well, well, well, fancy seeing you here ;)

Nice and succinct view of the last two months.

I want to hear all about your "endings". Blending bar drinks, tending to baby, pending apt, fending for shelter, pretending in the theater company, and ending boyfriends.

love you mucho.

mine, by magpie said...

oh my goodness!!! i was wondering when you'd come back with a seriousl story and you sure delivered!! sorry to hear you're having to move. i'm in maspeth, about ten minutes by bus away from williamsburg- i take the L. you may wanna look there, the manhattan set has yet to find maspeth so the rent is still fairly reasonable. you can email me if you decide to look around that area :) good luck!!!