Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Viva on Hiatus: an explanation/apology

Hello my loyal readers,
All 3 of you. First and foremost, my sincerest apologies. To say I have been MIA would be an understatement.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well as a great couple of months.
Unfortunately, life got in the way of my blogging.
In just two months nearly EVERYTHING has changed ...
Here are just some of the changes/events that occured since last time:

The L train now SUX... as my does my commute to ANYWHERE
I've now added BABYSITTER to my resume.
I'm leaving Brooklyn =(
I'm now apart of a theater company.
My BFF Chrissie is engaged!
Santa brought me... well Santa funded a trip to Tiffany's this Christmas.
I've become allergic.. to something... not to sure what it is yet.
Lauren left for a MONTH!!!!
I'm single, single, single, single... and happy !
I  have reclaimed my throne as Fairy Princess.. thanks to working in the West Village (Gay mecca for you non-NYCity slicks)
Lauren came back
I've been so stressed I forget to eat.
In other news....
I've lost FIVE pounds =D!
I'm moving... I hate moving.
I now bartend at Hammerstein Ballroom! Woo- hoo! Free Concerts!
Laura had to leave to Israel. =(
Kathleen Turner became a regular at the restaurant. Interesting.
Lauren and I find an apartment together =)
Two words: Student Loans. BLEH!!! =(
Lauren and I are unable to get apartment together.
I become potentially homeless.
I realize I now hate celery. 

Im still Jenny and I'm still in love with NYC, sooooo VIVA!
Stay tuned for 2 months of blog fodder comin' at ya.
Between tending bar, baby sitting, christmas in New York, my crazy friends, even crazier co-workers, and desperately considering the Brooklyn bridge an suitable "roof" over my head ... it should be a fun February.
Keep an eye out... I'm BACK!

till then...
Viva la vida
Viva JenNYC

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun FOTO Fact Friday

Game! Your thoughts? 
Happy Friday kids!
Stay warm and for those of you embarking on your holiday safe.

Till then..
Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC

*Last week's fact*
Jenn the Flapper
Lauren as Pebbles
Laura as Goddess @ Eamons for Halloween. And of course me, in mid sentence.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Broke Butt Mountain

How was my weekend?
Lovely. Just Lovely.
See picture above.
Long story short:
See Jenn fall down steps...
See Jenn bruise her butt-bone.
See Jenn self prescribe Vicodin
See Jenn have an allergic reaction to Vicodin.
See Jenn throw up. Four times.
See Jenn curse out Emergency Room staff. 
See Jenn hobble around NYC like a 95 year old.
The End
Special Thanks to Laura and Lauren for patiently witnessing my opiate induced antics- i.e: throwing ice packs across a room, laughing at inappropriate situations, flirting with a certain male nurse,and signing "NO" on dotted lines where my signature belonged. Good times. Awesome night.
P.S. Why is there a picture chronicling this milestone? Because... we live in 2008, my friends spent way too much money on their phones and no one is safe. Not even ME!
P.S.S. The white thing sticking out my bum was the not-so-icy ice pack that Laura TAPED to my hospital gown before I threw it across the room. *ooOoopsie* 

Till then ....

Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun FOTO Fact Friday

GAME!!! Happy Friday!
Guess what's going on here!
Have an awesome weekend. 

Till then...

Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC

Last week's fact
* little Mr. President =)

Love's Labor: Is it worth feeling sick or should they just get lost?

As much as enjoy  Shakespeare and Breakfast at Tiffany's, and have often wished to see John Cusack below my window blaring Peter Gabriel...I must confess- I'm a realist, not a romantic. 

Which  is why I can't seem to understand what seems to be in the air this rainy November.
Unlike some single gals, I like to create my own reality and happiness and I would get a little restless in an ivory tower waiting for my prince to come. I much prefer to stumble upon him... 
(I would LITERALLY stumble), making me, at times, almost impervious to the occasional love bug. My romantic perspective is probably symptomatic of  having a mother who read True Romance magazines and CHOSE to have her twins on Valentines Day.
Maybe Mom can explain why romantic hay fever has spread and is turning NYC's strongest singles into glassy eyed, sniffling, dosed, head cases. 
It just may the upcoming holiday season, maybe it's the cold, rainy weather, hell maybe it's because the sun is in passionate Scorpio. I don't know, but everyone just seems to be either falling in love or mourning a love lost, and it's making everyone sick!

One of my friend's just became "official" with a Scorpio- 
the glazed look in her eyes is quite lovely, concerning, but lovely.

Another friend  thinks she is in love with not one,but TWO gentlemen, bless her, she likes to multitask. 

Meanwhile, my coworker is in permanent sulk mode because his ex loves him but is not "in love with him". However, he can still be found making furniture for her and giving her money. Poor masochist.

And two nights ago, at the restaurant, there was this couple that was passionately arguing to the point of tears... in public!

Something is definitely in the air....they should make a vaccine for this. 

Even though I'm a realist, I find myself becoming very sensitive to all this activity, EVEN to the weird hipster girl that was crying on the train while knitting. It was probably over boy, it always is.
Anyway, much like flu season, everyone needs to GET OVER IT and either love 'em or lose 'em ya know?
Stop compromising and  stop crying because there ain't no Tylenol Flu for this little spell.

Wait.. that was a little harsh.. especially coming from the girl who now checks her phone every five minutes expecting...ahem.. a certain someone to call.  
I think I may be experiencing a few sniffles my self.... ERRRR...

Till then...
Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Dear Mother Nature,
    Howdy. The name's Jenn, you may not know me, I rarely ever complain about your decisions, whims, seasons, or antics. I can appreciate a rainy day as much as sunny one... an icy morning as much as a steamy night- there is a need for all of them. Being raised in the swamp that is South Florida, I'm used to your torrential afternoon showers, unbearable heat waves, nearly fatal hurricanes, extreme humidity and just about anything else that is symptomatic of mercurial moods. It makes sense that you are women, trust me I get it, and I find your shananigans  hilarious- even when it's sunny, beautiful and 60 degrees for eight days and on my only day off you feel like making it 50 and SEPTEMBER, it's okay I understand. I'm sure that maintaining the homeostasis for the entire planet is a hefty task, and you have every right to be stressed.
  However... this past week... has been gray and well.....GRAY! I haven't seen the sun since Monday. I mean gimmme a break, and it's not even cold out either. It's that humid in-between weather; with a high of 65 and low of 55. Leaving me still needing to bring my jacket along when I leave for the day, even though I can't  actually wear it before nightfall because I will sweat through it. 
Additionally, today was my day off, I wanted to go to Central Park with my friend Haley, sport my freshly cut bob, and wear my fav red pumps ( yes to the park, I AM that girl) and be merry. Instead YOU, made it rain all day! Leaving my cute hair cut frizzed out and looking like my 6th grade yearbook photo, no park and no pumps. THANKS.
Moreover, I would deeply appreciate it if you do something about this transitional weather... because it's messing with my crystals and my plans.

Thank you so much.


Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun FOTO Fact Friday =)

Hello all! Whew... what a week wasn't it?
It's definitely been a busy, inspiring, and hilarious week in my lil slice of this GRAND apple!
I've been a busy bee and subsequently a bad blogger!
Lo siento!
A few quick shout outs. ...
HAPPPPPY Birthday lil' Athena!
            Remember - Optimism is key.
Any way......
Guess what/who this is....
Have fun... hope everyone has a great weekend!
Till then...
Viva la Vida
Viva JenNYC
*Last weeks answer*
View of  Manhattan from Brooklyn, including, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge.
my beautiful cousin Athena... yes.. you read correctly- Athena (Circa 2006), not Saylor.