Friday, November 14, 2008

Love's Labor: Is it worth feeling sick or should they just get lost?

As much as enjoy  Shakespeare and Breakfast at Tiffany's, and have often wished to see John Cusack below my window blaring Peter Gabriel...I must confess- I'm a realist, not a romantic. 

Which  is why I can't seem to understand what seems to be in the air this rainy November.
Unlike some single gals, I like to create my own reality and happiness and I would get a little restless in an ivory tower waiting for my prince to come. I much prefer to stumble upon him... 
(I would LITERALLY stumble), making me, at times, almost impervious to the occasional love bug. My romantic perspective is probably symptomatic of  having a mother who read True Romance magazines and CHOSE to have her twins on Valentines Day.
Maybe Mom can explain why romantic hay fever has spread and is turning NYC's strongest singles into glassy eyed, sniffling, dosed, head cases. 
It just may the upcoming holiday season, maybe it's the cold, rainy weather, hell maybe it's because the sun is in passionate Scorpio. I don't know, but everyone just seems to be either falling in love or mourning a love lost, and it's making everyone sick!

One of my friend's just became "official" with a Scorpio- 
the glazed look in her eyes is quite lovely, concerning, but lovely.

Another friend  thinks she is in love with not one,but TWO gentlemen, bless her, she likes to multitask. 

Meanwhile, my coworker is in permanent sulk mode because his ex loves him but is not "in love with him". However, he can still be found making furniture for her and giving her money. Poor masochist.

And two nights ago, at the restaurant, there was this couple that was passionately arguing to the point of tears... in public!

Something is definitely in the air....they should make a vaccine for this. 

Even though I'm a realist, I find myself becoming very sensitive to all this activity, EVEN to the weird hipster girl that was crying on the train while knitting. It was probably over boy, it always is.
Anyway, much like flu season, everyone needs to GET OVER IT and either love 'em or lose 'em ya know?
Stop compromising and  stop crying because there ain't no Tylenol Flu for this little spell.

Wait.. that was a little harsh.. especially coming from the girl who now checks her phone every five minutes expecting...ahem.. a certain someone to call.  
I think I may be experiencing a few sniffles my self.... ERRRR...

Till then...
Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC


Bar-b said...


Bar-b said...

sorry the last post was premature..I aopologize...I have you on feedburn so I know when you've posted (muuuahhhahha).

Good observation doctor love, it is an epidemic that spans the globe. Holidaze will do that to ya. Feel better (if you want to ;)

mine, by magpie said...

i definitely think the holidays approaching will do it, but also i think it's the damn weather! i think it drives everyone a little nutsier than they already were about whatever is in them. ?? (you checked your phone twice while you were reading this, though- didn'tja??) i hope you get that text, sweets! although i'm a believer in the self-sufficient single, there's nothing like a holiday romance in the big apple!

A* said...

That's fall in the city. People falling in and out of love all over the place. It happens every year b/w October - Thanksgiving. Just go with the flow Jenny girl :)