Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun FOTO Fact Friday =)

Hello all! Whew... what a week wasn't it?
It's definitely been a busy, inspiring, and hilarious week in my lil slice of this GRAND apple!
I've been a busy bee and subsequently a bad blogger!
Lo siento!
A few quick shout outs. ...
HAPPPPPY Birthday lil' Athena!
            Remember - Optimism is key.
Any way......
Guess what/who this is....
Have fun... hope everyone has a great weekend!
Till then...
Viva la Vida
Viva JenNYC
*Last weeks answer*
View of  Manhattan from Brooklyn, including, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge.
my beautiful cousin Athena... yes.. you read correctly- Athena (Circa 2006), not Saylor.


mine, by magpie said...

are they both barack? hope your busy week was a good one! yay! it's friday!!! good lord, am i glad.

Bar-b said...

are these are new prez?????? Cool pics fefi. where'd you get em? You know, you can get ANYTHING on the 'puta these days huh?

loving you from tejas.