Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No job and donut cravings: New York living at it's best.

Alright so it's been about I week since I started this thing and a bit has happened.
I was waiting to write a special apple picking  blog and pictures to match... but alas I'm beginning to realize that "la gracia" ( 'the charm' for you non- Spanish speakers) of this quirky little blog habit is to have up to the minute info on my current events. So here's the riveting stuff  that has happened this week in chronological order.

Thursday, October 2, 2008
Last day working at Hyatt as their on-site transportation rep. It was like the last day of school before summer vacation. Several shenanigans were had, including: flirting with the doormen, gossiping with the concierge and checking my Myspace account seven times in the business center. 
After work Greens and I went to Rosa Mexicana and celebrated my grand, much needed departure. Sangria, fresh guac and regaling tales of  our lost loves were exactly what I needed after working nine days straight. 

Friday, October 3, 2008
Sleeping in till 11:30. Loved it. Check Craigslist and began my job hunting.
Went to a couple places and interviewed at one, walk around Soho and tried on some $585 Coach boots. Relax, freshly unemployed me had no intentions on making a purchase, especially since they didn't fit. I just do this sometimes to feel like I'm still on top, ya know? After all, it doesn't cost a dime to look. I later went to Spanish Harlem to visit a friend and ate Kentucky Fried Chicken for the first time in 3 years. That brought me down to reality, and made my tummy hurt. =( 

Saturday, October 4, 2008
CLEANED the humble abode! Went to a second interview, ate half priced sushi and watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist which was AWESOME. Everyone should watch it! 

Sunday, October 5, 2008
APPLE PICKING with Mike, Ted and Greens in Jersey. Which is incidentally not so dirty and has many lovely apple orchards. After arriving back in our city, I made an apple crisp,  which  was the second time I have ever baked anything from scratch in my life. It was DELICIOUS.
Pictures are to come!

Monday, October 6, 2008
Happy Birthday Bianca!
After having a very long day, too chaotic to consider mentioning, the reality of my current situation came crashing down. I am a broke, unemployed, actress in New York City, who misses her family. This was a lot to process. So I took a nice long walk, 30 blocks to be exact, called my friend Dana, vented,  and while on the phone entered Dunkin Donuts in search of some sugary happiness. I wasn't sure what I was  craving, I don't even really like donuts. I guess I was just trying to revert back to my childhood or something. I remember my grandparents used to buy us donuts and bring it to our house after school, oh how I long for the days when there was an 'after school' in my life . Anyway, I go in and here's the conversation with DD counter staff:
* BTW one of them is Asian but wearing a name tag that bears AFRO Z. Swear.  Oh and I'm still on the phone at this point:

ME: HHHEEEEY  as I frantically look at the empty donut cubbies
         Do  you have sugar powdered?
AFRO Z. : NO. (very abruptly)
Me: How about chocolate? ooooOOh How bout munchkins? Come on it's been a really long day, throw me a goddamn bone! ( Meanwhile Dana is on the phone laughing, at my attempting to eat my emotions)
AFRO Z. : Sorry lady , they all gone, everyone ate dem all. 
ME: You guys are open 24 hours, what you only make donuts for the first 12 hours you're open? 
(I barked) Alrite... ( I'm now leaning over the counter, looking like my dog just died or something) Well is the Strawberry filled one really filled  with, like, gross strawberry shit? 
      Dana: Did you seriously just ask that?
AFRO Z. : Yes, ma'm the strawberry filled donut is FILLED with strawberry filling.
       Fast forward to me standing on the corner of 14th and 2nd  at 10 pm  using a pay phone as a counter while a cram a bavarian creme donut into my mouth in two rapid bites, while still on the phone with Dana...when a gorgeous guy in a leather bomber jacket (which are so in right now) checks me out and smiles... except I couldn't smile back because my mouth was stuff with bavarian creme. Good job Jenn, nicely done. That my friends, in a nutshell, IS my life, and my monday.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Motivated to find a J-O-B, created a little schedule, went to four interviews, and prayed that my day wouldn't end  in  another donut on a street corner. It didn't, I got sick instead and went to bed early.

Wednesday, October 8,2008
Sick alllllllllllllll day and finally rolled out of bed to go to an interview at an organic wine bar. The interview went really well! Cross your fingers! I'm currently taking it easy and getting better so I can properly job hunt tomorrow and blog about it of course.

So there's my week, I promise to blog more regularly and have more interesting stories. 
Till then...

Vida la Vida
Viva JenNYC


Bar-b said...

and that my friend, is how we blog.

Your doughnut story was classic. Don't think for one cotton pickin' minute that your stories need to be "exciting"'s the everyday stuff that is the funniest.

I hope you didn't ask at your interview "are those wines full of those tannins and shit?" ;)

A* said...

Well said my friend, well said! Another blogger to keep track of. I like it!
Donut cravings indeed. :)

Hope NYC is treating you well!Good luck on the job hunt. Let me know if you need any help.