Friday, October 17, 2008

Circumstantial Vacationing in the City.

 Where are we going? 
                                                                                 Does it matter!?
I may have mixed things up.
Woops! ;)

SoOOOOooo, when I last left you I was supposed to be resting up and getting better so I can continue scouring the City for the perfect restaurant/bar job that can accomodate my budding acting career. HOWEVER....I  was bed ridden for the next two days... 
then the weekend came...
and even though I was progressively losing my voice...I felt a lot better so of course I thought I was FINE
'pssssshhhaw I am better!' I said. Of course my "recovery" couldn't have better timing. My friend LaurEN's brother was in town and it was also my friend LauRA's birthday weekend. ( I know it confuses you, my friend's names should be more phonetically varied; it confuses everyone).
Anyway....fantastic times were had. Pretending to be a tourist in Central Park with a tourist, going into FAO Shwartz and discovering they REALLY do have every toy known to man. Eating Cuban food! Spending the entire weekend at Laur's chic address in the heart of the city and enjoying the view, bar hoppin',almost beating up a touchy-feely Staten Island loser,seeing old classmates, $5 all you can drink Margaritas in the West Village and all activities were free or discounted (perks of having fellow actor friends in the hospiatlity/ service industry). YEY!
Fast forward to not being able to make a PEEP on Monday morning.
Leaving me not audible for my date that same night.
Oh me...
However the date went well as the rest of what was a pretty social and productive week. Still looking for that job!
:::Sigh::: its getting exhausting to be so freaking charming at interviews. Oh but such is least I had a relaxing vacation in my city! =) Wish me luck with my search and enjoy the pictures. Keep ya'll posted!
Till then 

Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC

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Bar-b said...

you look like you are having waaaaaayyyy too much fun. Aren't you supposed to be a starving artist, living in NYC, filled with angst and cynicism? I didn't think so. Love your blog mama. I will be back to think of a caption for the dance a thon ;)