Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Broke Butt Mountain

How was my weekend?
Lovely. Just Lovely.
See picture above.
Long story short:
See Jenn fall down steps...
See Jenn bruise her butt-bone.
See Jenn self prescribe Vicodin
See Jenn have an allergic reaction to Vicodin.
See Jenn throw up. Four times.
See Jenn curse out Emergency Room staff. 
See Jenn hobble around NYC like a 95 year old.
The End
Special Thanks to Laura and Lauren for patiently witnessing my opiate induced antics- i.e: throwing ice packs across a room, laughing at inappropriate situations, flirting with a certain male nurse,and signing "NO" on dotted lines where my signature belonged. Good times. Awesome night.
P.S. Why is there a picture chronicling this milestone? Because... we live in 2008, my friends spent way too much money on their phones and no one is safe. Not even ME!
P.S.S. The white thing sticking out my bum was the not-so-icy ice pack that Laura TAPED to my hospital gown before I threw it across the room. *ooOoopsie* 

Till then ....

Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC


Bar-b said...

I am laughing your ass off right now.

Yes, no one is safe from the chronicling (a word?).

Love you butt please stay safe.

Jennifer Nalgas err, I mean Nadal.

mine, by magpie said...

oh my god i'm DYING right now!!! your poor butt!!!