Saturday, November 8, 2008


Dear Mother Nature,
    Howdy. The name's Jenn, you may not know me, I rarely ever complain about your decisions, whims, seasons, or antics. I can appreciate a rainy day as much as sunny one... an icy morning as much as a steamy night- there is a need for all of them. Being raised in the swamp that is South Florida, I'm used to your torrential afternoon showers, unbearable heat waves, nearly fatal hurricanes, extreme humidity and just about anything else that is symptomatic of mercurial moods. It makes sense that you are women, trust me I get it, and I find your shananigans  hilarious- even when it's sunny, beautiful and 60 degrees for eight days and on my only day off you feel like making it 50 and SEPTEMBER, it's okay I understand. I'm sure that maintaining the homeostasis for the entire planet is a hefty task, and you have every right to be stressed.
  However... this past week... has been gray and well.....GRAY! I haven't seen the sun since Monday. I mean gimmme a break, and it's not even cold out either. It's that humid in-between weather; with a high of 65 and low of 55. Leaving me still needing to bring my jacket along when I leave for the day, even though I can't  actually wear it before nightfall because I will sweat through it. 
Additionally, today was my day off, I wanted to go to Central Park with my friend Haley, sport my freshly cut bob, and wear my fav red pumps ( yes to the park, I AM that girl) and be merry. Instead YOU, made it rain all day! Leaving my cute hair cut frizzed out and looking like my 6th grade yearbook photo, no park and no pumps. THANKS.
Moreover, I would deeply appreciate it if you do something about this transitional weather... because it's messing with my crystals and my plans.

Thank you so much.


Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC


mine, by magpie said...

hahahaha- SO with you on that. i'll just be happy though, if this is the worst of it til after december!

Bar-b said...

LMAO Jen. Girl, you'll be praying to all of the hindu gods for the winter snow to ease the hell up in a few so enjoy the gray. NO really, I know you like that stuff, so sorry. I love you and hope you get your weather on soon.