Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun FOTO Fact Friday

Game! Your thoughts? 
Happy Friday kids!
Stay warm and for those of you embarking on your holiday safe.

Till then..
Viva La Vida
Viva JenNYC

*Last week's fact*
Jenn the Flapper
Lauren as Pebbles
Laura as Goddess @ Eamons for Halloween. And of course me, in mid sentence.


Bar-b said...

The sweet three. le sigh.

mine, by magpie said...

hottie hottie!!! look at those bedroom eyes. or are the budwieser eyes? hahahahhah!

i wonder sometimes, on my way home, if you're on the L train with me...

mine, by magpie said...

ps- i tagged you on my blog! *runs away like a kid hopped up on likasticks*

Bar-b said...

really? not posted since november 19th?

no, no, we'll wait.

love you jenn.